About us

Our company

ADROMAR is a company born of the growing demand for Dance Schools, Associations and Schools extracurricular activities, meeting the needs of this sector in a specialized and professional.

Our goal

Serve apparel and accessories for dance, as well as jersey for artistic or rhythmic gymnastics

Flamenco & Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance & Jazz Salon & .......

We have more than 25 years of experience in the sector


Adromar is a company dedicated to comercialicizacion apparel and accessories for dance and rhythmic gymnastics jersey.

We dance professionals specialized in designing costumes for adult children or schools or Associations can make any kind of design for the staging of his ballet or flamenco box is perfect.


Adromar offers maximum quality in their designs and features to give our clients a personalized, so that both the classes and staging are superb.



Our central warehouses are located at:

Address: Camino Montoya, 69-30152 Aljucer - Murcia (Spain)